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Wed Night Social Ride

Riverhead Forest

Riverhead Forest

Every (and we mean EVERY) Wednesday night the mtb social ride heads out in search of some sweet singletrack to ride. It’s pretty simple really; we ride, as slow or as fast as we like, learn some new skills from mates, pass on things we’ve learnt to others and let off some steam.

Come ride with us!

When: Every Wednesday at 6:30pm, until around 8:30pm.

Where: We are currently (summer 2013/2014) riding at Riverhead Forest, Barlow Rd entrance on Ararimu Valley Road. In the winter months (approx May-Oct) we ride at Woodhill Forest.

Groups: We roughly ride in two groups. There is a novice coached ride with a lead rider and then everyone else. It’s all very cruisy, sometimes we smash out a decent distance and sometimes we do a lot more trash talking than riding.

What to bring: Bike, helmet, hydration, a snack, spare tube, pump, tyre levers, handtool and quality lights (a MUST from late Feb – end Oct).

During winter, quality lights are a must

During winter, quality lights are a must

Updates: Look out for the weekly post (generally on a Tuesday) on our Facebook page here to confirm who is leading the novice ride or to double-check the location. If you don’t use Facebook, you can check our recent Facebook posts on the feed on the right hand side of the screen. We also try to keep the calender here up to date. If in doubt, contact the DOC MTB Delegate, Martyn Pearce, 029 444 2944

Lead Riders: Check out the roster here. Thanks for giving back to the cycling community!