Wed Night MTB Social Ride…

… has officially started again for 2013!

The place to be on Wed night is out riding with fellow mtbers, learning new tricks, letting off steam, pushing your limits, or just cruising after a hard day at work (if you feel like crap, still come along, you’ll feel awesome afterwards – guaranteed!).

The rides are not structured or coached, this is just the direction to head to if you are looking to join up with some cool people and have some fun on your bike. All abilities are welcome as the group just naturally splits based on how people are feeling or what they want to do on the night. There are always plenty of experienced rides and/or people that know the forest well for you to join up with.

Anyone can join the social ride, members and non-members. Meet at Avantiplus Waitakere at 6pm or at the Barlow Rd entrance (off Ararimu Valley Rd)  to Riverhead Forest at 6:30pm. (Note: The social rides moves to night riding at Woodhill Forest after daylight saving finishes – keep an eye on the DOC calender)




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