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Weekend Rides w/e 31st January 2016 (ride leaders ride 1)


Ride leaders ride 1 – if you have got your name down for ride leader duties or just want to see what ride leading is all about please read below for the 35km ride.

Long Ride

Saturday Long ride C

Ride Leader Ride 1
If you have your name down for ride leader this year please attend this session (there will be one more next Saturday if you are unable to attend this week) with Alan, Jeff and Rochelle who will run through how the 35km Beginners Bunch ride should run.
The Ride

 This is not a coaching session, rather a ‘everyone is on the same page’ session so expect a few minute briefing before the ride and quick discussion at each stop.  Questions are welcome and bring along your previous experience on leading rides so we can address any issues experienced before.
Brendon is putting together a preliminary roster which will be posted online soon and explained at the Ride Leader rides.


Briefing at 7.20am and leaving the store at 7.30am.

Long Ride

In the spirit of trying something new and to take advantage of (hopefully) everyone heading out of Auckland Brendon has put together a scenic Auckland route for this Sunday.    Please study the map before you leave or print a copy for your pocket.   Should be loads of fun!

For anyone who is short on time or looking for slightly less distance there will still be some doing the Rec Ride 54km to be back at the shop by 10am.

Rec Ride Course A 54km

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