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When cycling, very few of us are concerned about the type of shoes we are supposed to be in.Well, today is your lucky day as we are going to focus on cycling shoes. We are also highlighting CouponFeed.org, which has some great new deals that can save you money. For U.K. customers you can try out these new vouchers.

Ask yourself these questions; where would I buy high-quality cycling shoes? What should I look for while am out for cycling?

Types of cycling shoes

There are various types of cycling shoes, each of them having its own modifications to serve a different purpose. These includes road bike cycling shoes, mountain bike shoes and triathlon shoes. As we shall see below, selecting the right type of shoe is very important as it helps maximize a cyclist’s performance.

1. Road bike cycling shoes

This type of shoes usually focuses on elements such as sole stiffness, engagement between the pedal and the cleat and weight. Cleat-pedal engagement(the degree in which the shoes are held to the pedal) is very strong as compared to the other cycling shoes. The cleat is also external since such cyclists rarely walk in these shoes.

2. Mountain-bike Shoes

Such shoes feature a recessed cleat, more tread as compared to road shoes and a lugged outer sole.This is because it involves a lot of walking. Mountain-bike cleats are designed so as to shed any debris which builds up when riding off-road. These shoes should be adaptable to the muddy and rocky conditions. This ultimately makes them waterproof as they prevent water from seeping into the shoe.

Some mountain bike shoes also feature a pedal channel which is located behind the cleat for the purpose of making clipping easier. They also provide stability between the shoe and the pedal when not clipped in.

Triathlon Shoes:

A triathlon is an athletic contest which entails three different events: swimming, cycling and long distance running. You’re already thinking which kind of shoe can be able to accommodate all three activities, aren’t you? These shoes are similar to the road bike shoes in terms of a stiff sole, lightness and the pedal-cleat engagement.

The difference comes in the closing mechanism of the shoe. Athletes need to be able to wear and remove these shoes quickly and with ease while transitioning from one activity to the other. With that said, the simpler mechanism is achieved by; a single Velcro strap to ensure swift transitioning. It also has an eminent heel loop so as to get an easy grip.This will enable you to easily slide your feet in and out.

Ventilation in triathlon shoes is very important. This is because is a triathlon sports are mostly carried out in the summer. During this warm season, the conditions are baking hot. The feet become uncomfortably wet after cycling and swimming. You’ll need shoes that allow your feet to breath. You also don’t want to risk getting a foot infection.


Cycling shoes are paired with cleats which are mounted at the bottom side of the shoe and are what contribute to locking your shoe to the pedal. The type of cleat to buy varies depending on the purpose and the nature of your cycling. In turn, there are two types of cleats, the two-bolt and the three-bolt, which are discussed below;

• Road bike shoes use cleats with 3 bolts because of the larger surface area for improved power transfer and stability of the foot in general

• Mountain-bike shoes use cleats with two bolts so as to enable easy walking and clearing of debris.

Cleat systems also specify the float, which is the amount of movement available, so as to enable you to choose the right cleats so as to prevent knee and leg injury.

Mountain bike cleats are usually recessed so as to make walking easier for the cyclist while road cleats are external since there is minimal walking on the cyclist’s side.

What Should I Look For?

Size and shape of the shoe

This is a very important factor since the number one determinant to whether you will have a good riding experience is your comfort. You should choose a shoe that fits in terms of length, width and provides a steady grip at the heel.

Fastening mechanism

There exists different fastening mechanisms, some of which will be discussed below;
• Velcro: this mechanism is known for its simplicity, strength and the way it is light-weight. However, it has a downside in that it loses its holding strength over time.

• Boa: this offers the lightest option among all mechanisms, containing massive strength and largely avoiding contact points which aren’t comfortable.

• Laces: is a cost-effective option which has great amounts of strength and is replaced easily. The flip-side of this is that the laces can get stuck and also it does not offer you the chance to change its tension on the go.

• Ratchet and buckles: this option is currently the bulkiest of all mechanisms and has recently been replaced by the boa mechanism.

Sole stiffness; cycling shoes soles are usually made of either nylon or carbon fibre. Nylon soles cut on cost and are flexible hence making them great for waling and can be found in mountain bike shoes. Carbon fibres on the other hand help improve stiffness hence improving overall performance. This sole is usually found on road bike cycling shoes.

The Best Cycling Shoes

After looking at the various cycling shoes, I have come up with a list of the best cycling shoes, taking into account the cost and all the factors described above:

1. B’Twin 900 carbon cycling shoes

The Best Cycling Shoes

2. Specialized torch 1.0 cycling shoes

3. Mavic Aksium lace up cycling shoes

4. Giant surge pro cycling shoes

These shoes impressed me and I think they might also give you the chills that I had when doing research on them. This list consists of just a few shoes, as there are very many in the market and you can choose any depending on your tastes, preferences and also the cost of the shoe.

Where Do You Buy High Quality Cycling Shoes?

When it comes to purchasing cycling shoes, you should choose sites and stores that are trusted and reputable. Some sites that offer top notch products are:





These and many more sites offer quality shoes with guaranteed customer satisfaction and even warranty in case you are not satisfied with the product.

You can also purchase cycling shoes at sports and biking stores near you, as long as you trust the quality of the products offered.

We should all strive to keep fit and cycling is one of the best ways you can keep fit. It is a great hobby and also a wonderful platform to socialize and make friends. If cycling impresses you, don’t settle for less. Go for the A game as far as shoe wear and outfit are concerned.

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